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Ticketing Kids in Arlington?

Did you know that this summer kids all around the Arlington area are being given tickets by Arlington County Police officers? That’s right. But instead of these tickets being given for bad behavior, they are actually being handed out for good behavior.

In conjunction with the 7-11 stores in a program entitled “Operation Chill,” coupons (tickets) for free slurpees are being awarded to kids who are spotted doing spontaneous good deeds. Examples of good deeds include helping another person, wearing a bicycle helmet, picking up trash or participating in other positive community activities.

The next time I see the blue lights in my rear view mirror in Arlington, I’ll cross my fingers that I will be ticketed with a slurpee coupon (for doing the good deed of helping you with your Arlington real estate need)! LOL

Ken & Team Yes I Ken!

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RED DAY AT KELLER WILLIAMS: MAY 9th, 2013 – We ROCK Arlington!

Thursday, May 9th,  is RED DAY at Keller Williams. This is our annual day of service. It’s an international effort and it’s lots of fun! On this one day each year, agents in every Keller Williams office fan out across our communities to volunteer their services. Our office has four activities planned.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

1. Cleaning the shelter run by A-SPAN (Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network)  The shelter is closed for the season, but needs a deep cleaning. We also will be helping the staff prepare for their gala fund-raiser by stuffing goodie bags and anything else they need to be ready for their event.

2. Supply drive at Whole Foods. We will be collecting items for  A-SPAN. Whole Foods is a wonderful partner in this effort. We will have shopping lists to hand to shoppers as they arrive. We’ll have baskets at the exit for them to drop the goods when they leave. Be sure to stop by Whole Foods at Clarendon to say hello and to help support us in our efforts! That is where I will be, as I have been in the past years. This time, come see me 12-2pm!

3. Painting at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

4.  Underwear and sock drive. We will have a box in our office for donations of new men’s underwear and socks for A-SPAN.

Contact me if you would like more information or help with giving a donation. Here’s to Arlington, as well as all of VA, DC, & MD, and all of our wonderful communities across America and the world.

Ken & The Yes I Ken! Team

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If you are an Arlington resident, you probably just received your Real Estate Assessment in the mail, as I did.

Arlington County says that the assessment of your property represents 100% of the fair market value, and they are noting an increase in values overall with a 1.0% increase in single-family residential values. You may find that on your assessment – as I know some homeowners’ have and are reporting to me –  that the value of your home has actually decreased.

So, don’t be surprised if yours goes down or up – 31% of properties increased, 47% remained unchanged and 22% declined. These numbers reflect the diversity of Arlington properties. And perhaps the complexity of the Arlington Tax Assessment process.

If you would like a free Broker’s market value opinion to compare against vs. your home’s real estate assessment, please contact me!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team


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On January 1, 2013 a deal to avert the fiscal cliff was passed.  The purpose of the bill is to avoid widespread tax increases and deep spending cuts. It also contains provisions directed at maintaining the housing recovery.

This is good news for the real estate market. Here are some of the specifics about the plan:

Congress reinstated a federal tax deduction for mortgage insurance.

It extended tax breaks for people with mortgage debt erased through short sales and loan modifications.

The mortgage-interest deduction was left intact.

It includes a one-year extension of the tax break for homeowners whose lenders forgive part of their mortgage debt

The tax rate for individuals making more than $400,000 and couples making more than $450,000 will rise from the current 35 percent to 39.6 percent.

Itemized deductions will be capped for individuals making $250,000 and for married couples making $300,000.

Taxes on inherited estates will go up to 40 percent from 35 percent.

Unemployment insurance will be extended for one year for two million people.

The alternative minimum tax will be permanently adjusted for inflation.

(The Sacramento Bee, 1/5/2013, Clarendon Wealth Management)

Please contact me for additional details for how this affects your current housing situation. I am always happy to help!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team


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From Arlington – Reporting the TOP 10 Turnaround markets

boise balloons

I thought you might be surprised to learn which are the Top 10 Turnaround Housing Markets. In case you don’t know, turnaround markets are those that are “either at what we would call a bottom or a turnaround, or have already reached that point” (, September 2012). The following trends are used to rank cities: Median list price, drawdown in inventory, drop in the time homes are on the market and unemployment rates. Following are the current top turnarounds towns (not listed in rank order):

Boise, Idaho (recently named the second best place to raise a family by Forbes)
Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona
Oakland, California
Miami, Florida
San Jose, California
Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, Washington
Bakersfield, California
San Francisco, California
Fresno, California
Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Lompoc, California

Chances are that many housing markets outside Arlington are also showing some improvement. For a complimentary home consultation in Arlington, if you are thinking of selling now or in the future, please contact us. We are always glad to be here for you every step of the way!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade
The Yes I Ken! Team

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