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Questions Open House Hosts Ask You as a Guest and Why – Number Two of Three


Questions Open House Hosts Ask You as a Guest and Why – Number Two of Three

Time for the second question that you might have had asked by a Realtor hosting an open house, and why they might have asked it.

Open House

Number Two:
How does this house compare to other homes that you’ve seen at open houses?
Why the agent is asking: They want to know if the other homes are comparable – or offer you more or less – than this house. To get your independent input on how this house compares and can win in the game of selling first. And know if possibly you might be the one buying it. If you are, they can answer more questions for you on the house, or be helpful in other ways. Be open with your answer because what you tell the agent can be helpful to the Seller to get it sold – no matter if you or someone else buys it!


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Questions Open House Hosts Ask You as a Guest and Why – Number One of Three


Recall all the open houses you have been to and when the host asked you questions…You might wonder what are the most often-asked questions open house hosts ask you and why they ask them?

Number One:
How long have you been looking for a house?

Why host is asking: The agent wants to see how far along in your search you are, how many homes you have seen, how motivated you are to buy and what your general experience has been. They want to be of help to you and, of course, they are there to help sell the house you are at.
If you allow the Realtor, they can give you helpful information to aid with your search such as additional neighborhoods that might fit your criteria or they may know of homes coming on the market – ones that are not listed yet. Just to name a couple of MANY great ways that they can be of assistance.

open house image

Watch for question number two – upcoming!


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COMING SOON! Stunning 3 level condo in Alexandria

COMING SOON! Stunning 3 level condo in Alexandria

Hi! We have coming on the market this weekend, a 3 level, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo.

The Open House is Sunday, March 8, 1-4pm.

More details to come – or contact us now on our main webpage here.

Ken & Team Yes I Ken!


New to Market in Arlington – Value – Under $300,000 – Hip Condo

Hi! We have an incredible new condo coming to the market at just $299,900. Two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.

This stunning unit has been refurbished from the gleaming hardwood floors to the newly painted walls in Restoration Hardware palette. Featuring renovated kitchen and baths. Absolutely wonderful.

Walk to Clarendon and Courthouse, shops, theater, eateries, Metro. The bike and running trail is right outside the door.

Open Sunday, Jan., 26, 1-4pm.

Living Room

Come see it! 2030 N. Adams St., 1003, Arlington, 22201


Ken & Team Yes I Ken!

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Q: I am selling my house in Arlington and my Realtor has suggested that he hold an Open House. I’m a little reluctant because a friend of mine told me that houses don’t usually sell as a result of an open house. Is this true?

A: An Open House is great device to market your home.

Following are five good reasons for you as the seller, to have an Open House in Arlington:

1. It brings buyers to you. It also raises your home’s visibility to a higher volume of traffic without relying on other agents to show it. It can also create bidding war by bringing in more than one interested buyer at a time.

2. You are well prepared to show your house. That way, potential buyers have an opportunity to see your house in the best light.

3. It gives you feedback from guests signing in the guestbook your Realtor has provided. That way you have a chance to change anything negative that potential buyers consistently comment on.

4. It saves you the time and inconvenience of having to schedule multiple showings of your house.

5. You will be able to gage by the number of people who attend what the level of interest in your home is.

Statistics show that when an Open House is held within the first week, a home is 13 percentage points more likely to sell than not having an open house at all, and 26 percentage pointsmore likely to sell than if an Open House is held sometime after the first week. (

So, follow the advice of your Realtor and have him or her host an Open House at your home in Arlington. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team



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