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3 of the Top Questions for First Time Home Buyers

What an important and exciting time for you! I have a very large percentage of First -Timer clients. So, over the years I have become an expert at assisting in the process. I enjoy being the resource for First Time Home Buyers. I’ve developed a system and tools to get my clients to home base quickly and efficiently.  I am delighted to share some answers to three of the most often-asked questions here.

Should I buy a home?

Bottom Line – Yes! (Very often) There are BIG benefits to buying vs. renting a home! CHECK OUT THE NUMBERS ON MY HOME CALCULATOR: BUY VS. RENT Add into this consideration how long you plan to own the property and then ask your agent if holding onto your home for that period of time makes financial sense, with special consideration for what a resale price might be. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Do I Price My Home So It Sells?

You get the timing right, you get the showing it right right and then comes getting the pricing right to have your home sell….


Underpriced homes may get a lot of interest with the risk of getting less for your home than you wanted because “a lot of interest” doesn’t always mean more than one party being interested in making an offer, especially making one possibly against other buyers making offers. It is very typical for a percentage of buyers to not want to engage in multiple contract situations. Read the rest of this entry »

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