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Happy MLK Day!

Martin Luther King Day is one of my favorite holidays. Why?

In one word: Diversity.

With more explanation: In real estate, I enjoy the fact that I have a diversity of clients and potential clients, who have a diversity (also!) of homes to select from to fit their needs, wants and lifestyles.

This rich variety is exciting and intellectually interesting to me. The opportunity for having a great time in matching people and homes is infinite.

So, Happy Martin Luther King Day! I celebrate the diversity you bring to the table in making our country strong and incredible, and the diversity you bring to my life’s work of providing service in finding the home that fits you!

So, thank you. Celebrate MLK Day – and celebrate you!

Ken, Yes I Ken!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

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Expired Listing? Here’s How to Get It SOLD!

So your home didn’t sell the first or second time around?

You are in luck! The Home Selling doctor is in!

Here’s what to do, in this doctor’s opinion.

First, make sure you are committed to the decision to sell. Sometimes sellers do not realize they are not as committed as the thought they were, until they put their home on the market.

Next, determine what did not go right in order to sell it.

Usually, one or a combination of four things, did not go well.

1) Communication. It’s key to have good communication, clear communication and agreement, with your listing agent. Were you told what prospective buyers said about your home, for instance?

2) Condition. Was your home in TOP selling condition? Think of it this way: When you go shopping for a new car, suit, pair of shoes, etc., you want the ones that are in “perfect” or near-perfect shape, right? You might very well overlook those that are not – especially if you see the item, or the home – online. Most home searches begin online – over 90% and people peruse photos – they want more and more photos. If your home does not who well, click goes the mouse on onto the next house, right?

3) Marketing. Did the agent and you do a full-scale marketing of your home? Especially online where most searches begin – and to other agents, since most homes are sold not by the listing agent; they are sold by other agents.

4) And the BIG ONE: Price. The most common reason a home does not sell. An incorrectly priced home draws the wrong buyers or none. If you have had showings and no offers, it most often indicates the home is overpriced. Any home, in any condition, will sell at the right price. Your new listing agent – when you re-list again – can help determine the price. When I assist sellers as a re-listing expert, I always work closely with them to look at all of the homes that have sold or have been on the market and were not able to sell – this helps by detailing the prices aimed for and received or aimed for and ignored (the home not being purchased) by buyers – or that one buyer we all want. The one that will agree with the price you set, and is thereby willing to pay it.

SO, let’s get it SOLD this time!

Ken Courtade, Yes I Ken!

Getting it SOLD – for You!

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Friday Frivolity – What’s so Cool about Arlington? 10 Things.

What’s cool? There is SO much to LOVE about Arlington. You know I’m crazy about it. Are you?  Add to my list!

1. It just is – in total. Read the rest of this entry »

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Your 4 Monthly Home Care Reminders for December

Yes I Ken’s! Monthly Home Care Reminders
It’s December now – so time for this month’s home care items. Here goes:

1 – 3. Inspect CO Detectors, Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers to be sure they are functional. More than normal electricity use during the holidays and maybe a fire burning in the fireplace or a live Christmas tree mean more need for these life-savers to be working in case of an emergency.

4. Replace the Furnace Filter. Typically, people are at home more during the holidays and in colder climates / weather, less outside fresh air is let in the house. Why not plan for the freshest air possible by replacing your filter?

All of these are super easy to do! Happy December – and Happy Holidays!

Ken, Yes I Ken!, Keller Williams Realty


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3 Home Improvements that Pay

Planning for your possible future sale makes economic sense.

When deciding what to spend your hard-earned money on in renovations, I often get the question from my clients of WHAT to spend it on that will bring them back the most equity when they go to sell.

Often, if one is considering a large project, they weigh doing the costly and intrusive work vs. selling and buying a house that already has what they want. After all, not many projects will bring back at resale even 80% of the value put into them, Read the rest of this entry »

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