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Q: I am selling my house in Arlington and my Realtor has suggested that he hold an Open House. I’m a little reluctant because a friend of mine told me that houses don’t usually sell as a result of an open house. Is this true?

A: An Open House is great device to market your home.

Following are five good reasons for you as the seller, to have an Open House in Arlington:

1. It brings buyers to you. It also raises your home’s visibility to a higher volume of traffic without relying on other agents to show it. It can also create bidding war by bringing in more than one interested buyer at a time.

2. You are well prepared to show your house. That way, potential buyers have an opportunity to see your house in the best light.

3. It gives you feedback from guests signing in the guestbook your Realtor has provided. That way you have a chance to change anything negative that potential buyers consistently comment on.

4. It saves you the time and inconvenience of having to schedule multiple showings of your house.

5. You will be able to gage by the number of people who attend what the level of interest in your home is.

Statistics show that when an Open House is held within the first week, a home is 13 percentage points more likely to sell than not having an open house at all, and 26 percentage pointsmore likely to sell than if an Open House is held sometime after the first week. (

So, follow the advice of your Realtor and have him or her host an Open House at your home in Arlington. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team



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Avoid these costly mistakes when buying a home

Here’s a couple of helpful “to avoid” mistakes when buying your home. Knowing pitfalls can save you money and pain.

1) Pre-paids

Make sure these are accurate by looking at your preliminary HUD1, your closing statement, a day or two in advance of closing. Read the rest of this entry »

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My home is under contract. I can’t see it on websites anymore. What happened?

You may be wondering why your home has disappeared from many online sites once you ratified a contract for sale with a buyer.

If your Realtor got your home under contract, in the DC Metro area, they are required by the MLS to have it noted as UNDER CONTRACT in the MLS. Since other sites that you may be utilizing online mostly pull from the MLS Active listings TO POPULATE THE LISTINGS, your home will no longer show up online on many, tho it may show up on some sites as being under contract.

A note on how this relates to marketing…though your agent will not have control over this in terms of marketing your home, if you have not had a conversation with him or her about marketing your home for the full length of your listing agreement with them until it goes to closing, you might still want to.

My team, as part of our GET IT SOLD! dedication and commitment, markets our clients’ homes, even after they are under contract, until they go to closing.

Is it more work and cost of your Realtor? Sure! I, personally, feel and believe the dedication and commitment to handle your home sale with care and attention – to get it to sale – is unending – until the sale closes. That is why, we personally, do it.

I recommend that you consider asking agents you interview to list your home if they plan to or will agree to market it until it is sold, including even a possible open house or more. If a contract falls out for whatever reason, you may have interest from other buyers due to the marketing – and possibly even have gotten a BACK-UP contract from another buyer that you can immediately put into place to get it sold.

I hope this helps!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade & Co., The Yes I Ken! Team


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3 Traps to Avoid When Buying a Home in Arlington, VA

We all want our real estate transactions to go smoothly, right? Take the stress out of the game by stepping clear of some traps! What are 3 traps to avoid when buying a home in Arlington, VA?

1) Title Problems

The first of the 3 traps to avoid when buying a home in Arlington, VA, is title problems. Have the title search done as early as possible! There may be encumberances on the title such as easements, tax liens or an undisclosed owner, for instance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buying a Home While Saving Money In Interest and Taxes

When you buy a home, you can save money on interest and taxes, which makes the overall cost of owning your home really less.

First, probably the largest tax deduction you will have is the interest on your home’s mortgage. You can save money on your taxes by deducting your interest. Get a great accountant or be skilled at doing the simple deduction yourself.

Secondly, to save money by not paying as much interest on your mortgage, you can choose among mortgage plans, and select one that will cost you less in interest. Consider a 10, 15 or 20 year plan instead of a 30 year. You will be paying more of the principal off each month than you would on a 30 year plan. You incur less interest on a shorter plan because you are paying down the principal faster, and the interest is based on the principal amount. You will have less interest to deduct on your taxes, of course, and will be saving on the front end by not paying as much interest to begin with.

Third, make a 13th payment, paying down only the principal, at the end of the year (before the next tax year begins) or whenever you wish – or pay a little bit each month or certain months towards the principal. Gain equity in your home faster. Save money in the long-run on interest because you are paying down the principal faster.

We hope this was helpful!
Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade & Co
The Yes I Ken! Team

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