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7 Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

7 Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

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Hi! So, for Friday Frivolity, I have decided that I am curious about Valentine’s Day – in particular, its history – so I did a little research. Here are 7 fast facts about this very special day.

1. Though Valentine’s Day is often thought to be a holiday made up by Hallmark, they didn’t produce their first Valentine’s Day card until 1913. The official declaration of the holiday was way, way, way back in 1537.

2. Research reveals that greater than 50% of the U.S. population celebrates Valentine’s Day by purchasing a card (hopefully, they give them as well). (Source: Hallmark research)

3. In Medieval times, ladies who were looking for a suitor had a tradition on Valentine’s Day. With the hopes that they could dream of their future spouses, women would spend the evening of V’Day eating a range of bizarre foods. Not so odd, eh, as we still have the belief that food may affect sleep and dreams.

4. Historians trace the origin of Valentine’s Day to the ancient Roman Empire. It is said that people observed February 14th as a holiday to honor Juno – the Queen of Roman Gods and Goddesses, and the Goddess of Women and Marriage.

5. There are actually three (3!) saints that Valentine’s Day origins come from. (Source: The Catholic church recognizes that there were three saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.

6. If you’re missing your sweetie on V’Day, you can say “hello” (and other stuff) by telephone, meanwhile thanking Alexander Graham Bell. On Valentine’s Day, 1876, he applied for a patent for the telephone (not the cell phone – that came much later – do thank him for that too, though).

7. WOW! 141 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year. This makes Valentine’s Day the second-most popular annual occasion to give cards. (This total does not include packaged kids valentines for classroom exchanges.) (Source: Hallmark research)

I hope you enjoyed this! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Arlington’s Luxury Home Market Update

Arlington’s Luxury Home Market Update

Hi! I hope this finds you well and staying warm. I just returned from an incredible seminar focused on luxury homes’ best practices for marketing and sales. Based on the up-to-date information and tools available to serve the luxury homes market segment, our team is implementing more steps to serve you at an even higher level. Our concierge level of service will be expanded to include some very exciting items. Stay tuned to hear more about that in the coming months!

Arlington’s luxury home market continues to move. Here is a recap of the luxury homes market as it pertains to Arlington, VA. For specification, we will call the luxury homes in Arlington ones that list and/or list and sell (because not all homes that list sell) at or above $900,000.

Currently, we have for sale an inventory of 126 homes up to $3.875, with an average price of $1.579M. The average days on market is a very respectable 135DOM. For comparison, in all price categories, we have 434 homes for sale with an average 82DOM. Of the 115 total luxury homes for sale, 98 are detached. The remainder are in the categories of townhomes, townhome condos and condos.

Our last six month’s luxury home sales has 74 sold at an average price of $1.386M. A fun fact: The highest listed price was $2.995M and sold for $2.860M (located in the Country Club Hills neighborhood). The average days on market for luxury homes was only 27DOM. That is a very good number considering that the average days on market of the total homes sold in Arlington during this period – 699 homes – was 32DOM.

Ask us questions here or contact us for more information. We are always delighted to help in any way. Just a note that what you see online, on whatever website you use to research homes, is only a portion of what you can consider purchasing soon. I always know of homes that are not yet listed. I can share information with you based on what you are looking for.

Have a great day!


Open House this Sunday, January 18th, 1-4pm. Stunning condo. Walk to Shirlington!!

Open House this Sunday, January 18th, 1-4pm. Stunning condo. Walk to Shirlington!


Come join us at our client’s new listing.

4500 S. Four Mile Run Drive, #1132

This stunning home is almost 1,200 square feet and enjoys an open living space on a upper floor getting lots of natural sunlight!

orig_05__CJ S Four Mile Run Dr_2880102

With two bedrooms, two baths and even a den, covered parking, storage, in-unit laundry, and a pool and other incredible amenities in the building, this condo is a great value. Asking price is $324,000.

For a preview, please click on the home as it scrolls by to the left of this post. We hope to see you this Sunday!



Why List Your Arlington Home in Winter?

Why List Your Arlington Home in Winter?

Happy New Year!

This question comes up every winter.  Perhaps as attendant to one resolution you have for the new year – to sell your home – and you wonder if winter is a good time to list your home on the Arlington market.  I have two answers to that question: Depends and usually, yes.

If the winter turns out to be one with a lot of snow and for a lengthy period of time, then not as great a time as it could be, so depends. This is usually not the case though in our region, though. And when it does come, it is usually once, sometimes twice, and rarely more than three times a season usually. When there is snow, it slows down buyers’ desire to get out to look for a home and is distracting, in general, to them. Again, this is not usually the greater part of the winter in our region.  So, that takes care of the depends. And on to my second answer: Usually, yes. Usually it is a good time to list a home in our winter. Why?

1. Our winters are usually pretty temperate, with not a lot of snowfall. And when it does come, it does not last a long time, generally.

2. There are people like you who have new year’s resolutions regarding homes too. In this case, to buy a home.

3. There are buyers who, having not found the home they wanted last year, are still intent on finding one.

4. There is less competition from other sellers for the buyer’s attention to choose their home over yours.

5. The buyers know there are strategic sellers putting their homes on the market when there is less competition from other sellers. So, the buyers continue looking, ready to pounce on the home they have been waiting for – which could be yours.

6. If you wait until spring, or even just before, there will be more homes on the market for buyers to choose from, so the statistical likelihood that the buyers will choose yours will be less than in the winter.

7. Past sales in the winter in Arlington, especially in February, attest to the strength of the buyer pool ready to buy then.

I hope you find this helpful. Please send any questions our way!



Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year’s!

Have an incredible evening, wherever you are. And have a super 2015!

Ken & Team Yes I ken!

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