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The Captivating Colonial, the Arlington Colonial New to Market

Thank  you to all who came to see the Open House yesterday!

The Captivating Colonial, the Arlington colonial new to market as of last Saturday, drew an incredible crowd yesterday. It was an exciting time for guests, our clients and the hosts – The Yes I Ken! Team.

In just 3 hours’ time, our team welcomed upwards of 200 folks to this wonderful Arlington Colonial at 6257 22nd St., N., in Arlington.

With an exceptionally tight market (As of today, we have just 136 homes total available in all price points combined.) and an astoundingly successful outreach in our marketing efforts, we were pleased to offer this Arlington Colonial for viewing.

Deadline for contract submission is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19, at 2pm.  Please contact us for another viewing or to have our Buyer Representatives assist in writing an offer – [email protected] or 703-981-4646.

If you would like an easy-to-print PDf of the listing brochure below, please reach out to us using the fast “CONTACT” button on the right above this post. We will send one to you asap!

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 6.07.03 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 6.09.37 PM

Arlington Rocks – it sure does!

Ken & The Yes I Ken! Team


As a listing and buying agent in Arlington, I see thousands of homes on the market every year. The majority of them are in good condition, however, most of them need some amount of maintenance. To avoid the stress, time and extra money involved in deferring your home maintenance until you are ready to sell your home, it’s a good idea to keep ahead of these home maintenance items:
1) Systems: Make sure that you regularly service your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. Putting this off can result in costly repairs or even necessitate replacements.happy house
2) RoofCheck to see if trees are growing too close to the roof they will eat away at the roofing material, causing deterioration and eventually leading to leaks. Regularly inspect roof for signs of damage. Check for black or discoloring streaks on the roof – over time they will eat away at the roofing material, causing deterioration and eventually leading to leaks.

3) Drainage: Seal and protect your driveway – protect your gutters – and inherent problems – by installing gutter helmets. These helmets allow rain to come in but not other debris.
I hope this helps. I LOVE Arlington homes – and LOVE helping our Arlington homeowners care for their homes.

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team



It’s cold out, the grass is brown, the trees are bare HERE IN ARLINGTON,VA. And yet, you want to sell your house. What can you do to stage your house to put it in it’s best light during these winter months?
Here are a few simple tips:
1) Make sure the sidewalk and drive way are always clear of snow, ice or dead leaves.
2) Make sure your windows are clean to let in as much natural light as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Q: I am selling my house in Arlington and my Realtor has suggested that he hold an Open House. I’m a little reluctant because a friend of mine told me that houses don’t usually sell as a result of an open house. Is this true?

A: An Open House is great device to market your home.

Following are five good reasons for you as the seller, to have an Open House in Arlington:

1. It brings buyers to you. It also raises your home’s visibility to a higher volume of traffic without relying on other agents to show it. It can also create bidding war by bringing in more than one interested buyer at a time.

2. You are well prepared to show your house. That way, potential buyers have an opportunity to see your house in the best light.

3. It gives you feedback from guests signing in the guestbook your Realtor has provided. That way you have a chance to change anything negative that potential buyers consistently comment on.

4. It saves you the time and inconvenience of having to schedule multiple showings of your house.

5. You will be able to gage by the number of people who attend what the level of interest in your home is.

Statistics show that when an Open House is held within the first week, a home is 13 percentage points more likely to sell than not having an open house at all, and 26 percentage pointsmore likely to sell than if an Open House is held sometime after the first week. (

So, follow the advice of your Realtor and have him or her host an Open House at your home in Arlington. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team



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Q: My house is currently on the market IN ARLINGTON. Should I stage it for the holidays?

A: Realtors were recently polled on this very topic ( The majority of them (37%) thought that including a few non-religious decorations make a home feel inviting . 28% thought that home owners should put out all of their decorations, including religious  ones.

Lighting a fireplace, using winter-scented home fragrances, and placing blankets on couches, beds and reading nooks are also great ways to make your home feel cozy during the holidays. Because of the short daylight hours at this time of year, it’s also a good idea to update your outdoor lighting.

Staging your home in Arlington during the holidays can be a great opportunity to highlight the cozy atmosphere of your home.

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team

703.981.4646warm house

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