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5 Ways to Make a Successful Relocation Move to Arlington, VA

5 Ways  to Make a Successful Relocation Move to Arlington, VA


I work with a lot of buyers relocating to DC. I have found some key ways to help people relocate with less pain in the process. I will share them with you here to be of help. It will be a two-part series, since I have collected so many!

Here goes:

1. Select the right real estate agent. Working with a great agent is at the top of the list for  a successful home purchase, and is especially important when relocating – if you are unfamiliar with the area. Ask prospective agent representatives these questions: What is your experience helping people relocate to the area? (and) What is your market knowledge? And pay close attention to their communication skills. How skilled are the in communicating? Great communication is key to working with buyer and all the other people involved in a home search and purchase. Note that agents with ABR designations have special training in representing buyers, including relocation buyers.

2. Think needs vs. wants. What do you really need and what is really just a want? You will narrow down your options more quickly to get you a home sooner with a laser focus on these – differentiate between them.

3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage, if you are going to use one. It will put you in a more favorable position with sellers. In our area, it is actually EXPECTED by sellers and listing agents that a buyer is pre-approved prior to submitting an offer to buy a home.

4. If you are selling as well as buying, ask the agent helping you to buy to REFER YOU TO A GREAT LISTING AGENT TO SELL YOUR CURRENT HOME.  Full service agents helping you to relocate and buy will be able to refer you to someone in your current area.

5. Think resale. While buying, consider what future purchasers will like or not about the home. Buy a home that will be better for resale than the home next door or down the street. You want to be the house that is most sought after – so that you will always be first in line to sell in any market.

I hope this helps. Part two coming soon – just like our listings!!



Here’s the QR code for my app which provides quick searches in our area. You can easily send me your questions from it also.

MY QR Code for my personal home shopping app!

Your Forever Home: Trading Up to a New Home in Arlington, VA

Your Forever Home: Trading Up to a New Home in Arlington, VA


What really is your Forever Home in our area, Arlington, or many places in DC, MD or VA? Rarely is it the first home you buy. Part of this is price point and one’s income, though mostly it is the inevitable factor of life changes. So, while the name “Forever Home” could be considered a misnomer if one considers it the first  – or even the second – home they buy, why not see it instead as the last home you will buy?

With this being the reality in our area, one working to get to his or her Forever Home inevitably falls into the category of trade up buyers, which are the largest category of home buyers in the US. You might think that these buyers have planned for the inevitable trade-up. Not so. Few have a strategy, especially from the get-go – their first purchase – to get them to where they want to go next, and next, and next: Their Forever Home.

Most buyers decide to buy because of  interest rates or more likely a new job that pays more money, a move to another city for work or family reasons, or a family change: marriage, starting a family or a new family member on the way. And these decisions, though perhaps thought about at some level over time, are more than often made relatively quickly based on sudden or soon-upcoming life events.

The greater majority of of the time, little or no attention is given to the possible or planned life changes by purchasers or their Realtors as to where the buyer wants to go with their next purchase, the one after, or however many they will own. It is pretty rare, depending on the area of the country, that buyers purchase their first home as their Forever Home. And ours is definitely towards the top of this list.


When I consult and coach my buyers on purchasing in Arlington, or anywhere in VA, DC or MD, I have them consider the possible Forever Home they would like and step backwards to today’s purchase, because we want to take the best care of our clients and their money. Is this more work than just purchasing a home today for today’s needs? Consider this: The majority of buyers will find that it is more work to discover a hidden need three or so years down the road and then want to sell their house, do it under less than perfect conditions, perhaps, including pressure, and have to do the work of moving again. And possibly lose money in the process – or worst of all, not be able to move based on monetary considerations. A forward-looking plan can can get you to where you want to be today and also way down the road – even to retirement.

How do we do this? We look at:

1. Your needs in 5, 10, 20 or more years

2. Work backward from this house size and location

3. To what you can buy today that will be a great investment and you will be able to sell on your planned schedule

4. Take that equity and invest in the next home that you have planned for

5. Buy the next one

6. And so on, and so on.

Does this take planning? You bet. Does it involve projection as to your finances, including income, and the approximate cost of a home in the future? Sure. The ultimate question, just like planning for what you want in life is:  D0 you want to plan for it now, or have it sneak up on you in the future, and not having controlled it, get what the outcome is? Most people prefer the latter though not take the time to do the planning. What do you prefer to do?

I hope this was helpful. Please call on us with any questions or to plan for your Forever Home in Arlington, or anywhere in DC, MD or VA. Because, in reality, your “Forever Home” is very likely not the first home you will purchase, and it will be the last.



JUST LISTED and SOLD in 1 day. Rare 1 bedroom w/den/2nd bedroom at The Residences at Liberty Center

JUST LISTED and SOLD in 1  day. Rare 1 bedroom w/den/2nd bedroom at The Residences at Liberty Center

Hi there!

One bedrooms with dens are hard to find in Arlington. Especially in such a premiere building.

We found a buyer in less than 24 hours! We know where to look for them.

Contact me for more information if you would like to buy or sell a similar unit.


Main living area

Please see more pics at the listing to the left of this post!



Do you know what’s on your home fall seasonal checklist?

Do you know what’s on your home fall seasonal checklist?


One of the things that I love about being a Real Estate Consultant is helping people take care of the homes that I have assisted them in purchasing. A healthy home takes care of you, the people who own and live in it, especially when you take care of it first.

Here are my fall seasonal checklist items!


Replace smoke detector batteries.

Replace Carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Check and clean chimneys and fireplaces.

Have furnace checked by an HVAC company. Adjust dampers on the output vents, if needed, to give more heat to Northern-facing rooms which tend to be colder in the winter.

Lock windows to keep them square.


Drain and shut off (before it gets cold outside) hosebibs.

Clean leaves and other debris from gutters and downspouts.

Be sure that all drainage is heading AWAY from your house.

Retouch exterior paint, and caulk seams and cracks.

I hope this helps. For referrals to any contractors or to have a whole home inspection, just contact me. A reminder that I specialize in green real estate, as an EcoBroker, so can provide anything you need in the way of an energy check as well. I would love to help!



What is a Settlement Agent? How can I find one in Virginia?

What is a Settlement Agent? How can I find one in Virginia?


An important component in the sale or purchase of your home is a settlement agent. Who can perform these services in the state of Virginia?

A settlement agent is anyone, other than “a party to the real estate transaction,” who provides closing, escrow or settlement services in the state of Virginia, in connection with a sale, a transaction, involving real estate of not more than four residential units.

Who can legally provide these services in Virginia?

– A title insurance company or agent licensed by the State Corporation Commisison

– A real estate broker licensed by the Virginia Real Estate Board

– A financial institution, or an affiliate or subsidiary of one, authorized to do business in Virginia under Title 6.2 of the Code of Virginia, or under federal law. This includes state and federal savings institutions, state and national banks, credit unions, trust companies, state finance companies and state industrial loan associations.

Where can one find the best settlement companies?

As with referrals to great real estate agents and vendors used in connection with a home sale or purchase, the best source is a referral from someone you know and trust, and who really knows the value of a great settlement company. The best source is your real estate agent who works with settlement companies daily, and so sees the quality of their work.

A very established Realtor who provides a comprehensive service package for you will have the name of one on hand. And better yet, the Realtor, agent, will be affiliated with one – have an ownership interest in a joint venture with one, which best insures you are getting top-notch attention, because the company knows it has to do good business EVERY TIME.  The Realtor has a vested interest in the settlement company’s success and the settlement company has a huge invested interest in the success of the Realtor’s transactions, sales – ie, they have to answer to the Realtor at some level.

I hope this helps. Contact me if you have questions. And you can bet I have an incredible settlement company to refer you to. Only the best to take care of you. Have a great day!



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