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RED DAY AT KELLER WILLIAMS: MAY 9th, 2013 – We ROCK Arlington!

Thursday, May 9th,  is RED DAY at Keller Williams. This is our annual day of service. It’s an international effort and it’s lots of fun! On this one day each year, agents in every Keller Williams office fan out across our communities to volunteer their services. Our office has four activities planned.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

1. Cleaning the shelter run by A-SPAN (Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network)  The shelter is closed for the season, but needs a deep cleaning. We also will be helping the staff prepare for their gala fund-raiser by stuffing goodie bags and anything else they need to be ready for their event.

2. Supply drive at Whole Foods. We will be collecting items for  A-SPAN. Whole Foods is a wonderful partner in this effort. We will have shopping lists to hand to shoppers as they arrive. We’ll have baskets at the exit for them to drop the goods when they leave. Be sure to stop by Whole Foods at Clarendon to say hello and to help support us in our efforts! That is where I will be, as I have been in the past years. This time, come see me 12-2pm!

3. Painting at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

4.  Underwear and sock drive. We will have a box in our office for donations of new men’s underwear and socks for A-SPAN.

Contact me if you would like more information or help with giving a donation. Here’s to Arlington, as well as all of VA, DC, & MD, and all of our wonderful communities across America and the world.

Ken & The Yes I Ken! Team

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New Arlington Restaurants

So, your foodie Realtor is going out on the town tonight and will most likely dine at GREEN PIG BISTRO or FUEGO in Arlington. I have been so very busy working for my buyers and sellers that I have not been out yet to try one of these  new, or one might say newer, restaurants.

Of course, I will report back to tell you what I thought! Have your tried either of these Arlington Restaurants? I bet we will hear that they are another reason that Arlington Rocks!


Ken & The Yes I Ken! Team

Licensed (and dining, LOL) in DC, MD & VA

The Top 10 Reasons Arlington, VA, Rocks!

Why does Arlington Rock?

Our Team’s Top 10 Picks

10. Incredible Food from area stores and restaurants

9. Economically stable, and one of most prosperous & growing in the country Read the rest of this entry »

Arlington Restaurants Rock! Pupatella Rocks!


You may know that I am a Foodie. I’m  reporting today on Pupatella on Wilson Blvd,  just West of George Mason Dr., one of my favorite Arlington Restaurants.

Talk about great pizza (and donuts now, too)! Read the rest of this entry »

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Celebrating President’s Day in Arlington and the DC Area

Arlington is preparing to recognize President’s Day. As for me, I am looking forward also to celebrating President’s Day (or George Washington’s Birthday) on Monday. I am doing this with a trip to Texas to train and to celebrate Keller William’s 30th birthday. As you may know, President’s Day is designed to remember our Presidents and also an opportunity to honor our nation’s military personnel and veterans. I thought would be fun to share some of the following trivia about our past Presidents.

  • The smallest President was James Madison who was 5’4″ and weighed less than 100 lbs. The heaviest? William Howard Taft, weighing in at 332 lbs. In fact, Taft had to order a new bathtub after he got stuck in the White House tub.
  • The tallest President was Abraham Lincoln, measuring 6’4.”
  • Ronald Reagan was the oldest President; at the time he was elected he was 69 years old.
  • John F. Kennedy was the youngest President elected; at the time he took office he was 43.
  • The first President to toss the “first pitch” during baseball season was William Taft.george_washington_1
  • James Buchanan was the only President who never married.
  • Virginia is the birthplace of the majority of Presidents. Eight of our former leaders were born here.
  • Richard Nixon was the first President who visited all 50 states.
  • Presidents Adams, Jefferson and Monroe all died on the 4th of July.
  • Theodore Roosevelt killed a mountain lion with nothing but a knife after it attacked his dog.
  • Andrew Jackson’s pet parrot had to be removed from his funeral – the bird wouldn’t stop cursing.

I hope you found these bits of Presidential trivia interesting as well as humorous. And, I hope you have a great holiday this Monday, in Arlington, or wherever the holiday finds you!

As always –

Getting it SOLD – for YOU!

Ken Courtade

The Yes I Ken! Team


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