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Questions Open House Hosts Ask You as a Guest and Why – Number One of Three


Recall all the open houses you have been to and when the host asked you questions…You might wonder what are the most often-asked questions open house hosts ask you and why they ask them?

Number One:
How long have you been looking for a house?

Why host is asking: The agent wants to see how far along in your search you are, how many homes you have seen, how motivated you are to buy and what your general experience has been. They want to be of help to you and, of course, they are there to help sell the house you are at.
If you allow the Realtor, they can give you helpful information to aid with your search such as additional neighborhoods that might fit your criteria or they may know of homes coming on the market – ones that are not listed yet. Just to name a couple of MANY great ways that they can be of assistance.

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Watch for question number two – upcoming!


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