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The 4 Keys to Selling Your Home Fast in Arlington Va, and Elsewhere

The 4 Keys to Selling Your Home Fast in Arlington Va, and Elsewhere

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The 4 Keys to Selling Your Home Fast

The 4 Keys to Selling Your Home Fast

What are your guesses of the 4 most important items to focus on to sell your home fast?
Here are my top 4.
1. Price it right. Use a pricing strategy; don’t simply pick a price you would ultimately like for it and put it on the house as a price sticker, like a product in the supermarket. Real estate is much more complex than that and your home sale is very important! A pricing strategy positions your home in the current market to get the best price.

Immediately before you go on the market, look at recent sales, home under contract and any new listings that just came on. Additionally, if your agent is very connected to the market where your home is located, he or she might know of other properties coming on the market soon that are relevant to consider in your pricing.

Remember, it’s a pricing strategy that one needs to strategically put into place to get the highest offer.

Our recent sale. 3 contracts, sold in 3 days for $40K over asking price.

Our recent sale. 3 contracts, sold in 3 days for almost $40K over asking price.

2. Show it right. Have an incredible stager and an agent that knows the value of staging and how to best present a home. Does your agent have a great sense of style, especially as it pertains to the local home scene? Having worked in the design and architecture field for many years before opening my real estate business, I am constantly considering how homes are presented. I see many approaches to presentation here. Just like in any profession, each agent is different, in this case, in their skills and also how they choose to have their clients’ homes presented for sale.

3. Show it easily and often. Make your home as accessible as possible for buyers to see – this holds true both virtually and in-person. Using a great photographer and posting online as many photos as the MLS allows (currently, 30), gives the on-line shopper (which is now almost 90% of buyers, before they go to look in person) the drive to want to see the home in person. Additionally, I recommend having a floorplan online. I have floorplans drawn for all of my listings. Additionally, the system I use allows buyers to see where a photo was taken at the particular place in the room and also to virtually place furniture in the room! Yes, this adds to the marketing cost and takes more effort. It is well worth the extra work and expense.

4. Choose a great, successful Realtor. Like any profession, skills and talents vary greatly. Real estate is a complex business. For instance, in a recent study, one item that was rated less highly in terms of what the public is looking for in an agent is negotiating skills. Little perceived, it must be, how important that is to many, many steps in marketing and selling a home, and in working to buy a home for the best price and terms, especially in such a competitive market at Arlington, and DC, in general. One recommendation – ask your agent how they will defend your price if you are selling, (and if buying, ask them what is the highest number of contracts that they have negotiated against and won a purchase on for their clients).

I hope you found this helpful! Questions? Comments?


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