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7 Best Restaurants in Arlington, VA

7 Best Restaurants in Arlington, VA

Hi! It’s known that I am a total Foodie, love to eat out and also to cook in – and bake, even wedding cakes. So, it is with great pleasure that I am taking Frivolous Friday to talk about my favorite restaurants in Arlington, VA!

Delicious Food

Delicious Food

Here we go – not in any particular order:

1. Rus Uz serves up a delicious and unique blend of Russian and Uzbekistan cuisine. From the borsch to the plov (traditional rice dish), everything that I have tried is great.

2. Lyon Hall is a modern bistro whipping up commodities that are hard to find in the DC area. It serves Alsatian-inspired fare, including an extensive selection of sausages, house-made charcuterie and cheeses.

3. Mele Bistro – formerly Village Bistro – has been a stand-by of mine since I met the owners decades ago. Serving French and Italian fare, I have particularly always liked their fish dishes!For the steak-lover, they are spectacular on that account also. They use grass-fed beef.

4. Taylor Gourmet! Delicious, fast and affordable. Great especially for lunch. I particularly like the seasonal salads and add grilled chicken to them.

5. Willow – it rocks! Enough said. Well, ok…the food is incredible, the staff attentive and the space is very nice. Known to be the “best” or one of the best restaurants in Arlington. Spend more, get great quality.

6. Westover Market Beer Garden – The best beer haus fare I have ever had. Creative and delicious! Pair your dish with a beer on tap. They even serve breakfast / brunch! In my own neighborhood – Westover. Our neighborhood is soon to host the newest location of the Italian Store.

7. Thai Noy – From the ultra-friendly staff and the owner, Kot, to the out-of-this-world Thai food that is served up hot and incredibly delicious, this is my most-frequented restaurant in Arlington, and is the best of the restaurants that are in my neighborhood of Westover. A few of my favorites are the Emerald Curry, Chicken Basil and the Fresh Spring Roll.

I hope you enjoyed my up-to-date list of 7 favorite restaurants in Arlington. Check back for updates, as I eat out ALL the time. Have a super weekend – go get some chow!


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