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The 5 Top Upgrades to Sell Your Home

Hi! I hope you are keeping warm in our arctic chill and bracing yourself for our snow tonight. A shout out to my two families, clients, who are moving into rentals right now. Be careful and stay warm.

Westover's Captivating Colonial The 5 Top Upgrades to Sell Your Home

So, you are thinking of selling your home and are wondering what the top items are to do to get it looking best and to get it SOLD. Here is my list, culled in my work of over a decade in Arlington.

1. De-Clutter and De-Personalize. We all have items that we need to take “out of the picture” so that prospective buyers can see the bones of the home and think about how they would live there. Too much and too personal = distraction to buyers = not as likely to make an offer on your home.

2. Paint. Inside and Out. Fresh sells – enough said!

3. Stage your home. Have it showing so that it doesn’t look like you live there – instead, so that it looks like the prospective buyers who are looking at it COULD live there!

4. Kitchens sell the house. Do some minor upgrades if you have not done them in 5-10 years. Such as new nobs on the cabinets, or painting or using wood polish on them. New counters, perhaps?!

5. Have your home’s front entrance be warm and inviting. Paint the door – red or black – two top choices. Put a coordinating wreath on the door. A flower pot, if you have an outside entrance (not as in many condos), with sprightly flowers in it, to one side of the door, is cheery. Something to look at for the buyer while their agent opens the door.

I hope this is helpful! Please call on me for more items or post any of yours here! Stay warm!


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