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Why List Your Arlington Home in Winter?

Why List Your Arlington Home in Winter?

Happy New Year!

This question comes up every winter.  Perhaps as attendant to one resolution you have for the new year – to sell your home – and you wonder if winter is a good time to list your home on the Arlington market.  I have two answers to that question: Depends and usually, yes.

If the winter turns out to be one with a lot of snow and for a lengthy period of time, then not as great a time as it could be, so depends. This is usually not the case though in our region, though. And when it does come, it is usually once, sometimes twice, and rarely more than three times a season usually. When there is snow, it slows down buyers’ desire to get out to look for a home and is distracting, in general, to them. Again, this is not usually the greater part of the winter in our region.  So, that takes care of the depends. And on to my second answer: Usually, yes. Usually it is a good time to list a home in our winter. Why?

1. Our winters are usually pretty temperate, with not a lot of snowfall. And when it does come, it does not last a long time, generally.

2. There are people like you who have new year’s resolutions regarding homes too. In this case, to buy a home.

3. There are buyers who, having not found the home they wanted last year, are still intent on finding one.

4. There is less competition from other sellers for the buyer’s attention to choose their home over yours.

5. The buyers know there are strategic sellers putting their homes on the market when there is less competition from other sellers. So, the buyers continue looking, ready to pounce on the home they have been waiting for – which could be yours.

6. If you wait until spring, or even just before, there will be more homes on the market for buyers to choose from, so the statistical likelihood that the buyers will choose yours will be less than in the winter.

7. Past sales in the winter in Arlington, especially in February, attest to the strength of the buyer pool ready to buy then.

I hope you find this helpful. Please send any questions our way!



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