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5 Ways to Make a Successful Relocation Move to Arlington, VA

5 Ways  to Make a Successful Relocation Move to Arlington, VA


I work with a lot of buyers relocating to DC. I have found some key ways to help people relocate with less pain in the process. I will share them with you here to be of help. It will be a two-part series, since I have collected so many!

Here goes:

1. Select the right real estate agent. Working with a great agent is at the top of the list for  a successful home purchase, and is especially important when relocating – if you are unfamiliar with the area. Ask prospective agent representatives these questions: What is your experience helping people relocate to the area? (and) What is your market knowledge? And pay close attention to their communication skills. How skilled are the in communicating? Great communication is key to working with buyer and all the other people involved in a home search and purchase. Note that agents with ABR designations have special training in representing buyers, including relocation buyers.

2. Think needs vs. wants. What do you really need and what is really just a want? You will narrow down your options more quickly to get you a home sooner with a laser focus on these – differentiate between them.

3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage, if you are going to use one. It will put you in a more favorable position with sellers. In our area, it is actually EXPECTED by sellers and listing agents that a buyer is pre-approved prior to submitting an offer to buy a home.

4. If you are selling as well as buying, ask the agent helping you to buy to REFER YOU TO A GREAT LISTING AGENT TO SELL YOUR CURRENT HOME.  Full service agents helping you to relocate and buy will be able to refer you to someone in your current area.

5. Think resale. While buying, consider what future purchasers will like or not about the home. Buy a home that will be better for resale than the home next door or down the street. You want to be the house that is most sought after – so that you will always be first in line to sell in any market.

I hope this helps. Part two coming soon – just like our listings!!



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