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5 MORE Ways to Make a Successful Relocation Move to Arlington, VA

5 MORE Ways  to Make a Successful Relocation Move to Arlington, VA


In  working with  relocating (relo) buyers to DC, I have found some great, key ways to help people experience less work and frustration in the process. I will share them with you here to be of help. I have collected many, so this is the second in  a two-part series.

Here goes:

6. Be prepared to make fast decisions. Nine times out of 10, you will want the same home that someone else does. This is natural. Wouldn’t you and another person at the supermarket want the same shiny apple over the one that is dull or bruised? With the best homes – best looking and best priced – going first, you will want to be ready to make an offer before anyone else does, whenever possible. It puts you in a MUCH better bargaining / negotiating position. Our market often favors sellers, due to a lack of inventory and a healthy pool of buyers. Do not wait until you view other properties to make an offer, as the house may very well have received another contract on it by the time you come back to it.

7. Learn the market through your agent. While there is a lot of information online, your agent is the on-the-ground person who will know the area, be able to  consult for you on choices – and if he is working in the market every day and is aggressive, he should know about some homes BEFORE they come on the market. He can tell you in order to help you get a leg up on the competition for the homes, by getting an offer in as soon as possible.

8. Always ask for a CMA – a competitive (or comparative) analysis of like homes in the neighborhood or in very close adjoining neighborhoods. A very good agent should be able to do this quickly. And this is where your agent who knows the local market can be a huge benefit to you.

9. Take notes and pictures or video. Especially if you are not used to looking at homes, you might not be able to recall certain details after you have seen them, to make a well-informed choice in selecting one to buy.  Notes and visuals can be resources for you to refer to in making a decision.

10. In our area, be prepared to negotiate hard, and go in with the knowledge that, on average, houses that are priced correctly sell within a few percentage points of the asking price (and when there is buying competition for the home, go for over the asking price). So, while you may not be able to negotiate as much on price for a home priced well, you can focus on terms and get ones that work well for you – especially in a relocation move where timing and details are more important, generally, in the total picture, than if you were moving locally.

I hope this was of great help. Call on us for any questions or to help you make your move!



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