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7 Tips for Moving into a New Home

7 Tips for Moving into a New Home


Moving  – AARGH!? Buyers find it equally as hard as buying a house, or harder than, to do the physical moving it takes to actually get into the house. I will share with you here some time-tested tips my buyers have used over my many, many years in real estate.

1. Fill out your change of address form at the post office. Do it sooner than later to ensure your mail is forwarded. You can actually do it online at!

2. For electronics, get out your cell phone and take pics of all of your electronic hubs for a record of where each cord needs to go when you plug them in at your new place.

3. Back up all your mobile devices and computers.

4. Use contractor-sized trash bags to pack and protect your hanging clothes items. Leave just the hanger exposed so that they can be grasped for moving.

5. Pack plates vertically like one would pack records – vinyls (If you know how those were – or are – stored.). The plates will actually be less likely to break as it reduces pressure on the center of the plates.

6. Wrap drawer or other organizers, or any drawers you are taking, in plastic wrap. It keeps items in place and to save you time needing to refold or sort or whatnot, if you had not done it. (Using plastic wrap is an old trick I learned long ago in my days of catering.)

7. Call ahead to have a locksmith replace the locks on your new house the day you move in. There is no way of exactly knowing how many people have or have had copies in their hands for whatever reasons – tenants, handymen, next door neighbors, friends, etc. Think safety.

I hope these hints were helpful. For more tips, contact me and I will put you in touch with either my preferred mover or home organizer. Have a great day!



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